Notice Of Race. Vikajärvi Week 46 Retatta & Training Camp

Version  1.1 update 201.10.2015

Vikarjärvi Week 46 Regatta & Training Camp NOTICE OF RACE

1. Dates:

– Monday 9.11.2015 – Thursday 11.11.2015

– Johnny Köhler Cup Friday 13.11.2015

– All Saints Regatta (Finnish Rankin regatta) 14-15.11.2015

2. Training Camp Venue

The primary training camp venue is Säräisniemi, Vaala, Lake Oulunjärvi.

Sailors will gather at this site monday 9.11.2015 or later (at own discretion) no matter what the weather conditions promise.

After initial get to get together we will commence with the training camp workshop and lecture programs. Depending on ice and weather conditions the site may be changed to the final regatta site. Venue may change place earliest tuesday 10.11 and latest thursday 12.11. Sailors will be kept up to date regarding training camp site via and

3. Regatta site

The final regatta site will be informed no later than thursday 12.11.2015. Final decision will be communicated via and

4. Registration

Registration for both training camp and regattas shall be done at Doodle

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  1. We ask all DN sailors who intend to participate in the Regatta and Training Camp to please Register via Doodle

    The sooner you register the better. It helps us plan the event and accomodation.

    (Please register even if you are unsure of your attendance. You can always delete your entry later if you can not make it….)

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