Kilpailukelpoisuus – Eligibility

There is three elements the sailor needs to comply with to be eligible to participate the ice sail racing events organized by DN Finland – Suomen DN-Jääpursiliitto.

  1. Third party liability insurance – Vastuuvakuutus
  2. Rule awareness – Sääntötuntemus
  3. Membership in a national club/association – DN -liiton jäsenyys

It is highly recommended to send the evidence of eligibility for pre-inspection.

email to: kelpoisuus (at)
Subject: <sail number> – kilpailukelpoisuus/eligibility

The eligibility file below includes the sailors that have supplied some or all eligibility documents for pre-inspection. In case all three are valid the sailor have the right to attend to DN Finland ranking and national championship regattas. In case items are missing, the sailor may register and attend the regattas, but shall be prepared to show the evidence of eligibility on site if and when requested by the race organizers or any fellow sailor.

Eligibility file / kilpailukelpoisuustiedosto.

Eligibility requirements in detail

1. Third party liability insurance

All sailors must have a 3rd party liability insurance with minimum cover for personal injuries 500000€ and material damage 250000€.

It is highly recommended to supply the insurance certificate for pre-inspection. The insurance certificate should include the following details:

  • The geographical coverage shall be clearly defined and must include in minimum the Finnish coastline and inshore waters.
  • The insurance must cover both practice and race sailing.
  • The validity period needs to be clearly stated.
  • Maximum cover for personal injuries and material damage must be clearly mentioned.

Please supply the insurance certificate for pre-inspection or be prepared to show it in skippers meeting.

Example of a valid certificate:

2. Rule awareness

All sailors must be well aware of the right-of-way rules and other rules of DN sailing.

Link to the rule tutorial:

Rule test:

After successful completion of the rule test you can download the test certificate or take a screen copy or photo to be used as an evidence of passed rule test. Please supply the evidence for pre-inspection or be prepared to show it in skippers meeting.

3. Membership

You must to be a member in a club or national association/federation that is engaged with IDNIYRA.

In Finland you would join DN Finland / Suomen DN Jääpursiliitto. Living outside Finland you’d join the national association of the country where you live. In case the country of your residence don’t have any entity (club or association) with connection to IDNIYRA you are very welcomed to join DN Finland no matter what is your nationality and where you live.

Join as member – Jäseneksi liittyminen.