Johnny Köhler Cup 14.11.2014 / All Saints regatta 15.-16.11.2014

UPDATE! Please check comments for latest information!

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Johnny Köhler Cup / All Saints ranking pidetään todennäköisesti Painuanlahdella Vaalassa. Jää tarkistetaan sunnuntaina. Lisää tietoa ja keskustelua löytyy Facebookista.

Ilmoittautumiset doodleen.

The Johnny Köhler Cupr and All Saints ranking is most likely going to happen at Painuanlahti in Vaala. The venue site is checked on Sunday. More info and updates can also be found from Facebook.

Registrations to doodle.


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  1. STATUS RAPPORT 12.11.2015 09.00 local time:

    1) We are going to Painuanlahti, Särnäisniemi, Vaala. On Lake Oulunjärvi

    2) Latest Ice Rapports say ice is good and getting thicker all the time. L 37 Cara started his drive up North this morning and will probably be the first one to arrive. The decision is to head for Painuanlahti. If we get alarming info from Cara, we shall post a note about this here and on Face Book this evening at 18.00 local time. We have no reason to expect bad info.

    3) Accommodation is arranged at Ruununkartano. Enough rooms have been reserved to accommodate all DN sailors. No need for you to make reservations of your own. If you plan on arriving at night, it might be a good idea to contact Ruununkartano in advance to arrange for keys to be left in the door.

    4) Next rapport will be given here at 18.00 this evening. This will be done ONLY in the case something has changed during the day. If not we will see you all on the ice in Painuanlahti

    John Winquist
    L 601
    +358 40 500 3468

  2. STATUS REPORT 12.11.2014 18.00 local time:

    1) Cara has checked the ice at Painuanlahti. The ice clear and sailable, but after some rain bit too thin for having safe venue for 40 sailors.

    2) Cara is driving to check the Plan B i.e. Ranua. The ice there has been 15 cm thick and clear today at 17:00 local time, so we think that the venue will happen there.

    3) Cara has arranged accomodation on the local hotel at Ranua. For more information please contact Cara +358 400 462265. You can also stay at original hotel if you like.

    4) Next update will be given at latest tomorrow 13th of November at 12:00.

    5) For more information please contact John or Cara:

    John Winquist
    L 601
    +358 40 500 3468

    Timoleon Caravitis
    L 37
    +358 400 462265

    Best regards,

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