HSK Ranking 2024 – 27-28 January

Weekend with good fun, up’s and down’s, very nice sailing and tight racing! Good tune-up for the sailors heading for the GoldCup. Sorry for the late update – all are busy with the preparations for the international event that starts already next Sunday.

Final Results:

Update 25.1.
Location announcement: Kivivesi, Kustavi.

Landing site: Lomavalkama, Valkamantie 81, Kustavi

Please note that Kivivesi has not been test sailed yet. We will have a test sail team tomorrow, Friday before noon on the ice. Soon after that it will be announced if there should be need to re-consider the venue.

Accommodation arranged at Lootholma, Kustavi. Please inform Cara L37 in case you have registered to the regatta but don’t need a bed.

HSK Ranking scheduled and to be arranged in co-operation between HSK and DN Finland. There is a s..t load of snow everywhere but the organizing committee will do it´s outmost to find a suitable venue for this legendary event.

NoR is published and registration open.