Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints- regatta 17.11.-19.11.2017

19.11.2017 All Saints results 2017

Some photos at day:

Photo: Oscar Lindell


Vikajärvi today

18.11. Update
No sailing today, because of too little wind.
There was some snow in the ice today, and not enough wind.
We also researched the Lake Vikajärvi, but there was snow 7cm.
Tomorrow’s weather forecast for the wind is better here in Ranua Toljanjärvi.
We decided to stay here, see you on the ice!

Photo: Deb Whitehorse

17.11.2017 Johnny Köhler Cup 2017 Results

We are all in agreement tonight that today was a perfect day on the ice. 2 centimeters of fluffy snow that turned a bit sticky along with winds 4 mps allowed for 6 back to back races in competition for the Johnny Kohler Cup. 25 sailors from 8 countries got back into their DNs to take them through their paces for the first time this season.  Tomek Zakrzewski took 4 bullets and probably would have won a fifth if he had not had an issue with his tiller. Joerg Bohn had a strong showing with a second in Race 2. Jean Claude Vuthier sailed consistently well as did Tomas Lingren. A roaring fire in a cozy cottage awaited the fleet at the end of the day provided by the owners of the property who have graciously opened their home for the fleet. Prizes were awarded after a traditional Finnish dinner of Reindeer meat and herring, a hearty meal that tasted even better after spending a day on the ice. Tomorrow is the first day of the All Saints regetta which will conclude on Sunday. I am typing this report at the long table in the lodge where we are living. We are tired but discussing the racing of the day, telling old stories, and making new ones. The feeling is very cordial and warm. Thanks to all the sailors of DN Finland for making me feel so welcome and giving me a chance to help out with scoring. One of the reasons I came here was to see the Northern Lights. The sky has been too overcast to see them so that just means I will have to come back for another regatta here.
Deb Whitehorse, IDNIYRA Secretary North America

Johnny Köhler Cup resalts

16.11.2017 Update Launching site has moved
The new launching is Petäjiköntie, Ranua
( Follow DN signs )

14.11.2017 Update
RACING VENUE is Lake Toljanjärvi, Ranua
Launching site on the swimming beach, near Toljanniemi. ( Rynkänpuolentie 11, 97700 Ranua )

Accomondation, code: Icesailor
( Special price if you sleep with you friends in two-person room )
Hotelli Ilveslinna, phone: +358400177130

Skippers meeting on Friday at 10.00 hrs.
According to NIA’s and Idniyra sailing instructions, in finnish.

Welcome everyone, see on the ice!

Photo on the ice!

Kilpailualue: Toljanjärvi, Ranua
Landaus, Toljaniemen uimarannalta.
Osoite lähelle: Rynkänpuolentie 11, 97700 Ranua

Majoitus, koodi: Icesailor
( kahdenhengen huoneissa täysmiehitys tällöin erikoishinta )
Hotelli Ilveslinna, phone: +358400177130

Nähdään jäällä, kipparikokous perjantaina klo 10.00.
Kilpailun purjehdussäännöt suomeksi

12.11.2017 Update
At this time it looks like the place is Painuanlahti, Vaala. But follow the situation
what is the final location. It will be posted here!
Other options are in Rovaniemi, about 300 km north.
Tomorrow we will get good ice report with the pictures.

Please be kind and sign up Doodle, so that we know the accommodation is necessary.

Tämän hetkisen tiedon mukaan paikka on Painuanlahti, Vaala, mutta seuratkaa tilannetta mikä on lopullinen sijainti. Se ilmoitetaan täällä! Muut vaihtoehdot ovat Rovaniemellä, noin 300km pohjoiseen.
Huomenna saamme tarkan jääraportin kuvien kanssa.

Olkaa ystävällisiä ja ilmoittautukaan Doodleen, jotta tiedämme majoitus kapasiteetin.

11.11.2017 Update2
Safe ice is found, 15 cm thick.
We’ll announce a place when the rain area is over.

11.11.2017 Update
The forecast looks promising.
We have good options, we are looking for the best.
Notify you when we have made a decision.
Ten day weather forecast to Vaala:

7.11.2017 Update
The ice is still strong, and the weather starts to cool.
Photo from morning at Painuanlahti.

5.11.2017 Update
Ice situation is currently good.
Now the weather is warming up for a few days, we will follow the situation.
We have good ice scouts in Jerisjärvi and Painuanlahti, but
our own ice scouts leave from the beginning of the week 46.

Painuanlahti 1.11.2017

Jerisjärvi 1.11.2017


Wellcome to Johnny Köhler Cup and All Saints- regattas
Johnny Köhler Cup will be sailed 17.11.2017 and
All Saints regatta 18. – 19.11.2017

• Race site will be selected on the preceding week. Site will be informed on the internet site The place of racing site will be published latest on Wednesday 15.11.2017 12.00 hrs
• Skippers meetings on Friday 17.11. and Saturday 18.11. at 10.00 hrs.
• Rules according to Finnish SM-rules, NIA, IDNIYRA rules.
• All sailors must have a valid third party liability insurance.
• Last starts  latest 1/2 hours before sunset and last race on Sunday latest at 15.00hrs.
• Entry fee 20 €  will be collected at the site (registration).
• Entry in the web, site:
• Also late entry possible at site latest Friday/Saturday at 10.00.


Tervetuloa Johnny Köhler cup ja All Saints regattaan
Johnny Köhler Cup purjehditaan 17.11. ja All Saints 18. – 19.11.2017

• Kilpailupaikka valitaan kilpailuja edeltävällä viikolla ja siitä ilmoitetaan DN-liiton web- sivuilla viimeistään keskiviikkona 15.11.2017 klo 12.
• Kipparikokoukset pidetään Pe 17.11.2017 ( JK )  ja La 18.11.­­ ( AS )kello 10.00.
• Kilpailut purjehditaan Suomen DN-SM, NIA, IDNIYRA sääntöjen mukaan.
• Kaikilla osallistujilla tulee olla riittävä vastuuvakuutus voimassa ja jokainen kilpailuja on itse täysin vastuussa kilpailuun osallistumisesta
• Viimeiset lähdöt lähetetään viimeistään n. 1/2 tuntia ennen auringonlaskua. Viimeinen startti sunnuntaina lähetetään viimeistään klo 15.00
• Osallistumismaksu 20 €, maksetaan paikan päällä.
• Ilmoittautuminen alla olevaan linkkiin:
• Jälki-ilmoittautuminen kilpailualueella viimeistään pe / la klo 10.


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